Friday, 22 October 2010

My second award!

Today I have got to share something with you all .I have got my second award from ruby2shoes you have got to check out her blog at Her stuff is amazing.(She is my mummy!)
I also have a birthday card to show you down below.
I have got to think of a lie and five truths.I then have to pass it on to more people. You can then have to guess which one is a lie.

This will be in no particular order!
I am going to give this award to:

1.I love pepper and cucumber.
2.I hate yoohoos.
3.I learnt how to fence.
4.I hate brussel sprouts.
5.I love huskies.
6.I love making cards.

I'm going to link this up for the latest Etsy challengeI really like this apple card 

Please leave a comment it is great to know what you think!!!!!!!!!


de said...

Pretty pretty card! I LOVE that DP, some of my FAV!

So nice having you play along at EtsyInspired this week!

Julie Ranae said...

Well first of all, congratulations on your award! I love your list! Thank you for honoring me with your award as well! Can't wait to share :)
Your card for EtsyInspired is WoNdErFuL!!! Love it to bits : ) x

Julie Ranae said... guess is #1 is the 'lie'... : )

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

My guess is #2 as the lie:) And I recognize that birthday card--it is sitting on my desk:) LOOOOOOVE IT! LOVE that flower--so pretty:) Thanks for playing along with us at EIC!! YOU are the sweetest for sharing this award with me--can't wait to post it on the blog!!

So glad you posted today--miss you! LOTS of LOVE:)

Sue Lelli said...

I am guessing you LOVE brussel sprouts because every Mom would LOVE a daughter who ate her veggies! Thank you so MUCH for this award! You have made my day! When I get back home, I will post this on my blog. Also I LOVE your birthday card and I'm guessing you gave it to Savannah for her birthday! How sweet you are!

Joanna K said...

Sorry Tink, I only just realised I got this award from you ;) Thank you! I love your birthday card, the colours are so lovely and bright! Ps. In case I forget tomorrow - happy birthday!!! xx

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